Selected Filmography

Dimitris Zahos has been working since 2010 as a film professional, always part of the direction department.

Vouta is his latest short film, premiering in September 2020 at Drama Film Festival

Back in 2011 the film “Penguins”(2011) was Dimitris' graduation short film at the AUTH, presented at several national and international festivals getting nominations and awards regarding its original view on social issues of injustice and dignity during the years of crisis.

In 2012 he directed the short film "Mission Zeus", a comic observation of a Troika delegate during negotiations about the debt, as part of the project Summer in Athens produced by the Greek Film Center and the International Film Festival of Athens.

After that, followed "Australia"(2017) being actually entirely shot in a modern and uncanny airport, a metaphor of the ancient greek river of the woe, the Acheron, where the newly dead would be ferried to the Underworld.